Wayne-Charlton-InspectingPhiladelphia Mixing Solutions and Mixing Solutions Limited have a long history of mechanical design and process design expertise.  Our experience in gear drive design goes back over 100 years and 60 years in design gear drives for mixing and agitation systems.  This means that we are not only expert at designing and building new systems, but we have the background to understand why a drive might fail. Our Upgrade and Retro fit program for Mixer and Agitator drives follows these steps:

  • Collect the mixer performance and the operational history of the unit to be replaced.
  • Take into account the unique loads that mixing and agitation impose on a gear drive system.
  • Analyze the in-tank parts design with reference to the current process in the tank.

The key for successful upgrade and retrofit projects is to completely understand the mixer from the top (mixer gear drive) to the bottom (in-tank mixing components) and provide designs built to accomplish the work.