Mixer Modernization & Reliability

Mixer Modernization and Reliability (MMR) site audit

Optimize your equipment base and maximize productivity with a Mixer Modernization and Reliability (MMR) site audit and report.

Our mixer experts will collect data from 30 key points for each of your mixers and create a customized MMR report onsite. The MMR report proactively identifies aging and at-risk equipment to minimize unplanned downtime.

  • Poor Gearbox Health and High Mixer Criticality are cause for concern​.
  • Equipment is aging and parts may no longer be readily available, leading to longer and more expensive outages​.
  • Planned downtime is less expensive than unplanned downtime​.
  • With some basic information, we can create a Mixer Modernization & Reliability report for your facility or even for just one mixer.

​A plan is produced based on 30 pieces of information including, nameplate, vibration, sound, temperature, and visual inspection, usually taking only five minutes per unit to collect. Our team documents all information on all mixers whether they are Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Mixing Solutions Limited or another brand.

Mixer Modernization Program

Our Mixer Modernization program is designed to help you:

  • Streamline and Reduce Spares​
  • Determine Percent of Investment vs. Risk
    (Budgeted Modernization Cost + Cost of downtime for 6 hours)/(Cost of downtime for 5 days)​
  • Potential Savings of Modernization vs. Cost of Delay​
    Estimated Cost of Delay (5 Days)+ Modernization Cost*2 – (Budgeted Modernization Cost + Estimated Cost of Planned Downtime)​

If replacement is necessary, identify equipment that is similar to help new maintenance personnel​ and reduce spare part inventory costs

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