Kestrel Static Mixing System


Static Mixing System


Oil & Gas


Petroleum applications including: mixing, blending, liquid dispersion, emulsion formation, chemical reactors, laminar-flow heat transfer, mass transfer and gas dispersion.

Product Description

The Kestrel Static Mixer, also known as a motionless mixer, utilizes a series of repeating simple metal components configured in a standard pipe or tube for the continual mixing of fluids. Process line flow produces energy requiring no motors, gears, belt drive, or energy costs.

Static mixers and stirred tanks contrast in that a static mixer achieves an order of magnitude higher energy dissipation rate in a uniform volume. Competitive fast reactions where limited mixing rates and product purity critical find this extremely important. The high energy dissipation rates achievable will improve multiphase mass transfer or produce fine emulsions dependent on the application.

The static mixer divides the process stream and then re-divides it with a series of elements set at right angles to each other. Special cavities in the mixer randomize the distribution of fluids by direct stream impingement. This enhances and optimizes the two-by-two division process making it truly effective.

When static mixing occurs under turbulent flow, both sides of each element produce elliptical vortices rotating in opposite directions – eliminating streaming or tunneling effects. Back-mixing occurs as fluids are orbited in the vortex from the front to the back of the previous element.

Static mixers produce substantial improvement in mixing efficiency – requiring fewer elements and resulting in a lower pressure drop for given mixing processes.

The application determines that material used to build the static mixer in addition to the number of elements used.

Additional Information:

  • Easy installation
  • High quality, cost effective mixing
  • Long, maintenance-free life – no moving parts to wear out
  • Self-cleaning design – saves time and money
  • Low operating costs – no energy expense
  • Can be used in explosion-proof areas