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Small ‘Batch’ Tank and Oil Field Skid Mixing Requirements – Batch Mixing, Feed Tanks, Flocculation / PH Control / Drag Reduction / Corrosion Control, Heat Transfer, Hold Tanks, Storage Tanks, and many more.

Product Description

Portable Industrial Mixers

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Quality on a Smaller Scale

The P Series of Portable Industrial Mixers are made with the same quality, engineering, and value as our larger mixers and agitators, so you can expect the same great performance and results, just on a smaller scale.

The POG (for gear driven mixers) and PD (for direct drive mixers) clamp mounts are designed for use on any open tank or drum. We have a complete line of motors available which are industry standard, NEMA, and rated for continuous duty. Our industrial portable mixers have a one-piece cast aluminum alloy housing which is lightweight yet sturdy and corrosion resistant. The precision ground, AGMA quality helical gears provide long life and quiet operation. Use the hand wheels for easy clamp adjustment. For ease of maintenance, the large capacity, double shielded, heavy duty ball bearings are lubricated for life.

We extend the quality into our stainless steel shafts and impellers, utilizing a precision machined drive sleeve for positive shaft attachment. Choose from one or two propellers in sizes ranging from 6” to 13”.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Our industrial portable mixers have a special advantage over other mixers. Using a model of high torque and low speed, our portable mixers apply more torque to the mix for the same energy consumption or, put another way, our portable mixers apply the same torque while consuming 20% LESS energy. Higher efficiency means lower costs.

Standard Configuration Options

  • Motor HP Range: 1/2 HP to 1-1/2 HP
  • Motor Phase, Voltage: 3 phase, 230/460 Volt or 1 phase, 115/230 Volt
  • Shaft: 1.25” diameter x 56” length
  • Impeller: one or two, 6” to 13”


Standard Impeller

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While we have a range of off the shelf portable mixers, we understand that each process has unique qualities and characteristics. We can work closely with you to provide a mixing solution tailored to your needs for optimized process results. Contact us for information on our custom line of portable mixers, with additional options on motors, shaft materials, impellers, and coatings.