Pitched Blade Radial Flow Turbine (PBT)




Paints & Coatings


Mineral Processing

Food & Beverage

Phos Acid


Heat transfer, low liquid level solid suspension. Flow velocity sensitive applications needing radial flow to break up plug flow.

Product Description

As the first evolution of the flat blade turbine, the Pitched Blade Turbine or PBT was designed to angle the blades to promote more axial flow than radial. Depending on the angle of the blade pitch, 45 degrees being the most common, the impeller axial to radial flow ratio can be tuned for the specific process. The 45 degree PBT is most common and efficiently applied in blending and dispersion operations where higher power and turbulence is required, such as powder incorporation, heat transfer and rapid mixing. 32 degree blade pitch is also available depending on your process needs. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions excels in pitched blade impeller design and offers a variety of PBT options to increase the efficiency of nearly any mixing process.


Raven 3800 Series

PVE 01/03 Series

PVE 12/16 Series