Axial Flow Impellers

Axial flow — or mixed flow — impellers provide the ideal compromise between pumping efficiency and shear for many different applications. Axial flow impellers from Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Limited are easy to install and maintain while still delivering long-term reliability and efficiency.

Our products are the result of more than 60 years of industrial expertise. We engineer, assemble and test them in an ISO 9001-registered lab to the highest possible  quality  standards. Use our mixed flow impellers for any agitation process in which convection is a requirement.


Axial flow impellers can be installed in up-pumping, down-pumping and horizontal-pumping configurations. According to orientation and geometry, impellers can be used for slurry suspension, blending, draft tube applications and more. Some of our most popular axial flow impellers include:

  • High solidity (HS) hydrofoil impellers: HS axial flow impellers are designed for use with high- and medium-viscosity blending, solids suspension, gas dispersion and high head pumping. They feature wide-angled blades that produce strong axial flow patterns and superior gas handling. HS axial flow impellers can be installed in up- or down-pumping configurations.
  • Low solidity (LS) hydrofoil impellers: LS impellers are available in three or four blade configurations. Blades are narrow to provide maximum flow efficiency in low-viscosity applications. As a result, they are ideal for flocculation as well as any liquid blending or suspension application in which there is a relatively low amount of solids.

Let our team of engineers assess your needs and determine the best impeller configuration for your purposes. Contact a Philadelphia Mixing Solutions representative today to get started.

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Available Products

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions is a leading manufacturer of axial flow impellers for different industries and applications. Our products include:

  • LOW SOLIDITY AXIAL FLOW HYDROFOIL (LSV): The LSV axial flow impeller features a simple and hydrodynamically efficient design that’s engineered to deliver a high pumping capacity with minimal energy expenditure. Use it for fast blending or solid suspension in low-viscosity or water-like systems.
  • LOW SOLIDITY AXIAL FLOW HYDROFOIL (MHE): The MHE is a low solidity axial flow impeller, ideal for low slurry level agitation and other processes that involve variable liquid levels. The MHE’s sacrificial blade tips accommodate both low and high liquid level operations, reducing mechanical loads while delivering enhanced mixing characteristics.
  • HIGH SOLIDITY AXIAL FLOW HYDROFOIL (MHS): The MHS axial mixing impeller features a wide blade design that offers hydraulic efficiency, low power number and good solid suspension performance. Applications include medium- and high-viscosity blending, up-pumping gas dispersion as well as high concentration solids suspension.
  • ADVANCED PITCH PROPELLER: Our Advanced Pitch Propeller features a patented circular rake that permits the use of smaller axial flow impellers by improving efficiency without affecting mixing power. Use it in side-entry tank applications such as petroleum storage and digesting.
  • ANTI-RAGGING ANOXIC (ARI-2): The ARI-2 is engineered for water and wastewater treatment applications such as anoxic, anaerobic and sludge mixing. It produces high discharge flows with a low power draw, delivering performance and ongoing cost savings.

We can provide laboratory modeling and analysis to help you figure out the best axial flow mixer drive and impeller for your project. Follow the links on this page to read more about our products, or contact us to speak directly with one of our engineers.