Agitator Impeller


Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd’s agitator impellers are the product of extensive research and development. Our products are designed to optimize in-tank mixing while remaining reliable and keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum. We’ve been a leader in our field for more than 100 years and can match you with the right impeller agitator or other mixing system component for almost any application.

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions and Mixing Solutions Limited have provided agitators for every service imaginable, from lab scale (R&D) to the largest mixers in the world (Mohave). Philadelphia Mixing Solutions has mastered the art of agitator impeller design and can create an impeller specifically to maximize the efficiency of any mixing process. Our company has the capabilities, technologies and expertise to meet and exceed your needs for any application, from batch blending to continuous solids suspension to mass transfer applications. The main types of agitators are:

  • Belt Driven
  • Parallel Shaft
  • Portables
  • Right Angle

Belt Driven


Our expertise in reliability and efficiency, with a belt drive.

  • Belt transmission – herringbone belt drive provides positive engagement for maximum efficiency
  • Lubricated for life deep groove ball bearings – long life, no maintenance
  • Positive shutoff – no leaks, easy seal maintenance
  • Multiple seal options – flexibility to meet any requirement
  • Sleeve mounted bearings – facilitate quicker tank shut-off engagement
  • Fixed or swivel mounting options – optimal performance to meet every mixing needs

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Parallel Shaft

UniFirst™ 4000 Series

Designed for reliability, efficiency, and easy maintenance with a small footprint and maximum capacity.

  • Piloted C-faced motors – no alignment issues
  • All cast housing – strength and reliability of iron, no plastic here
  • True drywell – absolutely nowhere for oil to leak
  • Flexible mounting options – anywhere, any conditions
  • All oil lubrication – no bearings that need greased separately
  • Dip and splash lubrication – no oil pumps to fail

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  • Specially designed to handle the heaviest duty loads, and built for long life and maximum efficiency.
  • All helical gearing – maximum life, maximum efficiency
  • Vertically mounted motors – minimized footprint
  • Oversized solid output shaft – maximum strength
  • Quill drive option – prevent in-tank shock loads from impacting gears and bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings – sized to take the most demanding loads
  • Dip and splash lubrication – fail safe lubricating with no pumps to fail or filters to clog

PVE 01/03 Series

PVE 12/16 Series

Right Angle

Raven™ 3800 Series

Maximum life at highest efficiency, this agitator drive is built to last under even the toughest conditions

  • Piloted C-faced motors – no alignment issues
  • All tapered roller bearings – sized to take the most demanding loads
  • Cast housing – gusseted for maximum strength
  • Dip lubrication – fail safe guaranteed lubrication at any speed
  • Optional Guardian Package – simplified maintenance
  • Quill drive option – prevent in-tank shock loads from impacting gears and bearing

The agitator impeller makes up the other half of a complete mixing system. With an unparalleled commitment to innovation, we optimize the mixer impeller selection and sizing to provide the most effective and efficient mixing for every installation. Our company offers a wide range of sizes and designs of agitator impellers to meet any mixing need.

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Axial Flow

Axial impellers come in a wide variety of styles and are selected based on the needs of the application. These are typically selected when convection is necessary for the agitation process. Orientation and impeller mixer geometry will dictate whether the impeller is up-pumping, down-pumping or horizontal-pumping.

Common applications include:

  • Slurry Suspension
  • Draft Tube Application
  • Highly Viscous Solutions
  • Blending

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Mixed Flow

Mixed flow impellers are specifically used when fluid viscosity changes dramatically during a batch. The dual pumping action produces a flow pattern similar to low viscosity fluids.

Common applications include:

  • Solid Suspension
  • Blending
  • Non-Newtonian Fluid Agitation
  • Polymerization and Emulsification

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Radial Flow

Radial impellers come in a wide variety of styles and are selected based on the needs of the application. These are typically selected when a shear force must be transferred to the process or when a radial flow direction is required for a given tank geometry.

Common applications include:

  • Blending
  • Heat Transfer
  • Gas Dispersion
  • Low Liquid Levels

Custom Designs to Meet Your Mixing Challenges

The above are just a small sample of our agitator mixing impeller designs and their potential applications. If we don’t already manufacture a product that’s suitable for your purposes, we can build a custom mixing system from the ground up.

Our testing lab — the largest mixing-focused facility in the world — includes a 750,000-gallon tank for simulating any operating condition. To request a quote or discuss your project with one of our in-house mixing engineers, contact the Philadelphia Mixing Solutions office directly.