PVE 01/03 Series Mixer Drive





Water and Wastewater

Industrial Wastewater


Typically used in general chemical or water and wastewater treatment applications that require a compact footprint. 

Product Description

The PVE 01/03 series gear boxes effectively handle demanding mixing applications requiring a compact footprint without sacrificing torque capacity. This makes it the ideal mixer drive for applications in areas with limited space.

It is constructed to withstand corrosive or caustic environments, high temperatures and harsh weather. The sloped one-piece cast cover keeps rainwater out of the housing while the dry-well integrated into the lower housing prevents oil leakage and product contamination.

The PVE 01/03 series mixer drives feature parallel output shaft connections that are designed specifically to handle overhung and fluctuating loads. Gear housings comprise of a two piece cast iron casting suitably reinforced and stress relieved to withstand all static and dynamic loading generated in operation. Gears are designed to AGMA standards to withstand all shock loading associated with agitator service and highly efficient and durable motors with piloted motor adapters eliminate shimming at installation. All drives can utilize the Mixing Solutions modular arrangement to incorporate vessel lip seals, packed glands or single/double mechanical seals.

Product can be supplied as ATEX approved for categories 1, 2, and 3.


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