Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd. Announces New Regional Sales Representative, PacificOra Industrial Systems Ltd. – Eastern Canada
( April 27, 2020) —

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd., a global leader of in-tank mixing solutions, is pleased to announce its latest representative agreement with PacificOra Industrial Systems, to serve Mining, and Mineral processing customers in Northern Ontario, Quebec, and the Canadian Maritime provinces.

PacificOra will assist local/existing customers with the specialized support for which Philadelphia Mixing Solutions is recognized. PacificOra will actively support new project development to ensure proper mixing equipment is provided.

John Jackson, General Manager –Sales, NE Americas at Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, says,    “I am very excited to have the opportunity to establish PacificOra Industrial Systems as a Manufacturer’s Representative in mining and mineral processing for Philadelphia Mixing Solutions. PacificOra Industrial Systems brings a level of experience and industry knowledge that will help our customers immensely in the Eastern Canadian Providences.”

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions and its subsidiaries, Mixing Solutions Limited, and Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Asia Pvt. Ltd., lead the industry in optimizing mixing solutions to help customers improve mission-critical mixing processes. Extensive in-house testing and analysis allows customers to visualize expected results, saving time and material costs. With operations in Palmyra, PA; Houston, TX; Newbury, United Kingdom; and Pune, India. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions provides innovative products, technical services and field support to customers worldwide.

John (JJ) Jackson, General Manager
(814) 722-5666

Gaston Tanguay, VP Business Development, Eastern Canada
(418) 814-9136