Richard Grenville, PhD, Director of Mixing Technology at Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd., and current president of the North American Mixing Forum (NAMF), will present a program on March 22, 2018: The Role of Mixing in Fast, Competitive Chemical Reactions. The seminar is jointly organized by the Student section at Cleveland State University and the Cleveland Local section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).

Many valuable products are made by reactions that are both fast and competitive. In a perfectly mixed reactor the concentrations of the reacting species are uniform throughout the volume and the outcome of the reaction is determined by kinetics.

When scaling-up, the Damkohler number (the ratio of the reaction rate to the mixing rate) must be kept constant to ensure that the reaction environment is the same at the two scales. If it is not, the yield of the desired product will reduce and more by-products will be formed. A classic example of this is the nitration of benzene where the desired product is nitrobenzene and the by products are di- and trinitrobenzene.

In this seminar, Grenville will discuss a quantitative approach to characterizing the performance of impellers operating in the turbulent regime. Impellers in stirred tanks can be considered pumps (as they are machines that move fluid) and can be characterized in terms of their power input, flow and shear generation and efficiency. This understanding can help to determine which impeller type is best suited to a mixing process.

Next, he will review existing research which studies the role of mixing on competitive chemical reactions, and offer recommendations regarding design and operation of these processes. Finally, Grenville will present real examples demonstrating the application of this technique.

Richard Grenville is the recipient of the 2017 NAMF Award, given for excellence and sustained contributions to mixing research and practice. His distinguished career includes all aspects of agitator design, researching non-Newtonian fluids mixing, jet mixing and solids suspension.  He is committed to helping customers develop solutions for their mixing problems. Grenville earned his PhD in 1992 and co-teaches mixing courses at Rowan University (NJ) and at the University of Delaware.

Seminar location: Cleveland State University
Washkewicz Hall, Room 405
1960 East 24th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
(216) 687-2569

Cost: FREE! Sponsored by Philadelphia Mixing

Program: Check-in start/network 5:30
Dinner: 6:00
Seminar: 6:30
Meeting Close: 7:30