(August 11, 2018) — Philadelphia Mixing Solutions (PMSL) will be hosting Industrial Fluid
Mixing: Engineering Theory and Practice, an academic mixing training, from December 4-6,

This three day training will include university level lectures that cover the state of the art in
mixing technology. Course content includes: blending, mixing of low/medium/high viscosity,
chemical reactions, solid-liquid mixing, gas-liquid mixing, heat transfer, mechanical
considerations, and computational fluid dynamics. Attendees will also have access to the PMSL
test lab where they will be able to illustrate these concepts and see firsthand how they are
applied to mixing processes.

The training will be taught by Richard K. Grenville, PhD and PMSL Director of Mixing
Technology. Grenville has 30+ years of field experience and is an adjunct professor at Rowan
University and the University of Delaware. He is also a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the
Institution of Chemical Engineers and president of the North American Mixing Forum (2016 –
2018). Jason J. Giacomelli, PMSL Process Development Engineer, and David Geesaman,
PMSL Engineering Manager, will also be on site.

The course will take place at the Philadelphia Mixing Solutions headquarters located at 1221
East Main St., Palmyra, PA 17078. The fee is $1995 per person and includes course materials,
lunch for three days and dinner for two days.

For more information or to register for the event, visit our training page.

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