Water & Wastewater Mixing Solutions

mww2Our in-tank mixing solution for water treatment concentrates on maximizing flow while minimizing energy input in order to optimize the mixing process. Using a high torque, low horsepower/kilowatt approach, the energy input is put through our purpose built gearboxes and transmitted to the ideal impeller that is sized specifically for each installation.

No matter the application, we optimize the mixing process to:

  • Maximizes flow
  • Minimizes energy input and
  • Reduces operating expense

Whether rapid mixing, flocculation, lime softening, or providing sludge mixing in filter backwash tanks, our wastewater mixer systems provide efficient, reliable performance for any need.

In wastewater treatment processes, we offer the most efficient, longest lasting, most reliable wastewater mixers. From 200+ horsepower surface aerators to 1 horsepower anoxic and anaerobic mixers, our impeller technology combines high flow, low power, the right amount of shear and ragging resistance to meet permit requirements with minimal operating expense.

With thousands of wastewater mixer installations in facilities around the world, and the ability to model complex mixing and process scenarios, we bring tremendous experience and cutting edge technology to bear on each individual application to ensure optimal performance with a long design life.


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