Paints & Coatings Mixing Solutions

counterflow-orangeMixing is a very important operation in the manufacture of paint and can have significant effects on both product quality and production time.  Philadelphia Mixing Solutions has over 60 years of experience supplying agitators to paint manufacturers and has developed reliable design methods that have adapted to the changing demands on the industry. Particularly paint formulations have become more viscous and complex rheologically as the market has moved from primarily solvent-borne to water-borne formulations.

counterflow_2flowsOur waterborne paint mixing system, utilizing our CounterFlow Mixing System provides:

  • Faster blend time
  • Immediate and accurate pigment incorporation
  • Uniform paint samples for quality
  • Color uniformity with the top-to-bottom-to-top paint flow
  • Reduced or eliminated agglomeration
  • Significant savings in filtering and cleanup costs
  • Energy savings

cavernAvoid the result of poor mixing, which creates active and passive zones, ultimately creating stagnant caverns that mix slowly. These unmixed caverns allow pigments to agglomerate and for the pigment to be inconsistent.

Our CounterFlow Paint Mixing System creates two complementary flows off the impeller. This promotes uniform dispersion of the pigment, even mixing without agglomeration and quicker color incorporation. Many applications can reduce energy cost up to five times when compared to a typical agitator when blending non-Newtonian, high-solids concentration fluids and slurries.

We design specifically to your application.

When implemented correctly, our solution saves the customer time, energy and increases their throughput and profit.

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