Inspect & Repair

inspect-repairProviding the most comprehensive analysis and options to repair top entry mixer drives, the Inspect & Repair Program provides:

  • Increased reliability and dependability
  • High quality repairs meeting stringent specifications
  • Extended life from your equipment

All parts of the mixer drive are thoroughly cleaned and inspected to determine true root cause of failure. Detailed reporting, including digital photos, are provided along with tiered options for repair. Customers choose the appropriate repairs for their operational needs. Warranties are available depending on the repair option chosen.

Common problems seen that can be remedied include:

  • Mechanical Fatigue
  • Upset Conditions
  • Shock Load
  • Process Change
  • Impeller Balance

Steps Include:

  • When the drive is in our repair facility, experienced mixer drive technicians carefully disassemble the drive to determine and document the root cause of failure.
  • Once the drive is taken apart, the housing bearing bores are measured for alignment on our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Don’t wait for a failure to take advantage of this program. As operational mixers approach their end of useful life, the Inspect & Repair Program keeps them in proper working order and eliminates costly down time.

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