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bser-imageProduct Description

Our BSER mixer drive combines with our Forward Rake Advanced Pitch Propeller that creates a collimated flow for optimal BS&W (bottom, sediment and water) control, faster blending and energy efficiency.


High-torque toothed belt drives provide long and trouble-free mixer operation


Rigid motor mounting provide better reliability and extended drive belt life


For ease of field replacement


Positive locking, corrosion resistant, stainless steel metal-to-metal tapered seat faces ensures ZERO leakage to decrease environmental spill risk and provide a safer work area for staff. No need to empty tank for routine maintenance. Our shut-off is rated for extended periods of time – only one shut-off method is ever required.


60° rotation of mixer ensures the tank floor is scoured to effectively prevent BS&W build-ups. The
swivel ball is sealed with a hydraulic ball seal for ZERO leakage.


This one piece design eliminates corrosion and maintains the integrity of the tank shut-off device.


The Forward Rake Propeller utilises the latest technology in propeller design. The patented geometry creates a stronger collimated flow across the tank to produce up to a 40% improvement in efficiency.


IEC/NEMA Frames, Arctic Duty, Explosion Proof, Chemical Duty, Tropical Duty, UL, CUL or CSA Motors, IEEE 841, ATEX.


Deep groove ball bearings mounted on sleeves protect the shaft from damage during operation and maintenance. These bearings have a minimum L-10 bearing life of 60,000 hours.


The BSER is also available in fixed angle configurations for blending applications.


Allows the mixer to be automatically adjusted to desired angles without manual adjustment.



Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd has more than 60 years of experience designing side entry mixers and other products for the oil and gas industry. Our systems are the result of extensive research and represent a continual drive to make mixers that are more effective, more reliable and more efficient. Our side entry tank mixers are optimised for use in petroleum, refinery, transportation and storage terminals. Read on to learn more or contact a Philadelphia Mixing Solutions representative for assistance.

Why Effective Mixing Matters

In aboveground storage tanks, maintaining consistent, predictable flow patterns is key to preventing leaks and ensuring fuel or other products stored within resist spoiling. To this end, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions’ side entry mixers serve a number of important purposes:

  • Basic sediment and water prevention: Side entry mixers prevent BS&W by constantly sweeping across the tank floor to prevent particulate build-up and ensure more thorough homogenisation of sediment and water molecules.
  • Blending: Side entry mixers are used in storage tanks containing two or more components that require continual blending to stay consistent.
  • Homogeneity: By promoting bottom-to-top-to-bottom turnover, storage tank side entry mixers help maintain a uniform specification of homogeneity for refinery finished or intermediate products, as well as chemical plant feed stocks.
  • Temperature uniformity: Side entry agitators can be positioned next to heating elements in a storage tank to aid in heat transfer and promote greater temperature uniformity.
  • Crude oil enhancement: Side entry mixers can be used in crude oil storage tanks where agitation is necessary to reach a certain specification for gravity, sulphur content, viscosity or other characteristics.

Our Products

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions produces several types of side entry mixer designs to help you achieve any of the above goals. We offer both fixed and swivel angle products that employ patented propeller technology to improve efficiency and flow. If we don’t currently manufacture a mixer that meets your requirements, we can custom engineer something from the ground up.

We back up all of our side entry tank mixers with ongoing training and customer support to help you manage risk and respond to incidents when they occur. To learn more about what we can do for you or request more information about any of our side entry mixers, contact Philadelphia Mixing Solutions today.


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