Raptor 4002 Mixing System


Aeration & Mixing System


Industrial Wastewater

Pulp & Paper

Water & Wastewater


Pulp & Paper, Industrial Wastewater, Municipal Wastewater

Product Description

The Raptor floating directional mixer and subsurface aerator provides superior aeration and solids suspension in larger lagoons and basins. Featuring a patented, circular rake impeller technology, the Raptor produces a focused, turbulent mix over 300 feet long. Equipped with a 4 horsepower/2.9 kilowatt blower, the Raptor injects air in front of the impeller which disperses fine bubbles that remain entrained for the length impeller plume providing improved dwell time and oxygen transfer. When configured with several units that operate in a series of loops, Raptors provide a flow pattern necessary to mix the entire lagoon using less equipment and energy while maximizing lagoon digestion performance and regaining/maintaining residence time capacity.

This technologically advanced horizontal aspirator provides immense value to the owner/operator.

  • Control/eliminate surface foam and reduce odor
  • Remediation of lagoon deposition, eliminating the need to dredge
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Maintain operating capacity of the lagoon
  • Lowest overall cost of operations


The first Raptor produces directional flow of oxygen saturated water (waste) and air bubbles. The oxygen slowly depletes from aerobic bacteria. The flow reaches the second Raptor and the process repeats itself. In a lagoon’s process properly spaced and oriented Raptor loops maximize actively mixed volume and preserve lagoon performance.

Compared to Vertical Aerators

Aerosol effects that contribute to odors often occurs with vertical surface aerators. There is minimal aerosol effect with the subsurface aeration of the Raptor.
Poor mixing from vertical surface aerators is less efficient in supplying oxygen for biological activity and also can lead to the development of deposition. The superior focused flow and directional thrust of the Raptor feeds the bugs and rids the lagoon of deposition.


  • Severe Duty Rate Motor: IEEE-841 rated motor built to withstand harsh conditions
  • Fixed Shield: Prevents vortex formation and cavitation
  • Dual Operating Modes: Nitrification to provide aeration and mixing. De-Nitrification for BNR (biological nutrient removal) capability
  • Patented Air Wing (TM) Sparger: Maximizes control of gas volume, pressure, dwell time and minimizes airflow/volume losses
  • Subsurface Mixing: Reduces/controls surface foam and prevents/controls bottom sedimentation
  • Adjustable Operating Angles: Configure to help regulate suspension of targeted solids and maintain Total Suspended Solids (TSS) compliance
  • Superior Directional Aeration / Mixing: Combination of impeller and Raptor design achieves necessary BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) efficiency using up to 50% less energy consumption
  • Compliance: Helps to maintain environmental compliance and avoid BOD and TSS related fines

Controls or eliminates foam without spending money on chemicals