Advanced Pitch Propeller

advanced_pitch_propeller_silhouetteCircular Rake – Advanced Pitch Propeller


Side Entry


Oil & Gas


Used in side-entry tank applications such as petroleum storage or digesters. A highly efficient pumper which requires less power for equivalent pumping capacity permitting the use of a smaller impeller.

Product Description

The Advanced Pitch Propeller, intelligently designed such that the geometry of the blades initially accelerates stationary fluid and then continues to convert all incoming flow into an axial, collimated plume resembling a free jet. In applications where the propeller to tank diameter is of the order of 1%, such as petroleum storage, the economics and process requirements are unsuitable for standard top entry mixing systems. The side entry propeller solution produces the most efficient flow profile resembling a fluid jet. The discharge dynamics of the propeller resemble so closely a free jet, that the same physics can be applied to describe performance while other side entering propellers fail at producing a completely axial jet.

The Advanced Pitch Propeller, with its patented circular rake, and corresponding fluid flow characteristics, results in lower mixer power draw for a similar performance when compared to marine-style propellers.


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