Vertical Flat Blade Turbine (VFBT) Radial Flow Impeller





Mineral Processing


General mixing where high shear and high power are necessary. Heat transfer, fast chemical reactions, power hungry processes.  Suitable for low off-bottom placement as a tickler turbine for assisting solid suspension when liquid level drains below primary hydrofoil.

Product Description

As an early impeller design for stirred tank applications, the simple geometry of the Flat Blade Turbine facilitates radial stirring and blending. This impeller still has use when creating zonal mixing flow patterns to turn a stirred tank into an approximated plug flow reactor. By installing horizontal baffles, back mixing can be reduced between stages and reactor designs can be optimized.

Heat transfer applications also utilize the flat blade turbine. Being a function of flow and turbulence, the importance to provide sufficient flow across heating or cooling coils to facilitate reactors is great, especially when runaway prevention requires removal of heat from highly exothermic reactions.


Raven 3800 Series

PVE 01/03 Series

PVE 12/16 Series