Radial Flow Impellers

Radial flow impellers create a side-to-side fluid motion that produces high shear rates and a relatively low pumping number. They’re suitable for use low-level mixing and elongated tanks, among other applications.

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Limited manufactures a wide range of radial flow impellers, which we have detailed below. For help choosing the best impeller for your application, get in touch with our head office.


An extensive selection of product designs and blade configurations makes our radial mixing impellers highly versatile. Potential applications include:

  • Simultaneous solids suspension mixing in low-to-medium-viscosity liquids
  • High-intensity mixing in any process that requires medium-to-high-duty gas dispersion
  • Low shear applications in which fluid movement helps promote solid suspension
  • Any general mix application that requires a combination of high shear and high power

Specific industries in which you’ll find our radial flow mixers include chemical and mineral processing, water and wastewater treatment, paint and coating manufacturing, oil and gas and more. Use our products in tickler turbines, aerobic fermenters and mass transfer limited gas-liquid reactors, among other equipment. Visit individual product pages for more details.

Our Products

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions’ current lineup of radial flow impellers includes:

  • RUSHTON (RT) RADIAL DISK BLADE TURBINES: RT radial disk blade turbines — first introduced in the 1950s — remain an industry standard for several mixing applications. Our product features between four and six flat vertical blades capable of high-intensity mixing in medium-duty gas dispersion processes.
  • SMITH TURBINE (ST) RADIAL FLOW DISK BLADE TURBINES: The ST is a type of radial flow disk turbine that has been specially engineered to reduce impeller power decrease under gassed conditions. Use it for high-intensity mixing applications that require medium-to-high-duty gas dispersion.
  • GAS FOIL (GDX) RADIAL FLOW IMPELLERS: The GDX radial flow impeller is a highly advanced product capable of delivering the lowest power draw under gassed conditions of any turbine on the market today. Its parabolic geometry eliminates the need for a VFD or two-speed motor in most low-level gas dispersion applications.
  • SUPER LOW SHEAR SENTINEL RADIAL FLOW IMPELLERS (SLS): SLS radial flow impellers are suitable for use with products that are sensitive to shear or require uniform flow velocities. By combining higher pumping rates and lower impeller speeds, they deliver excellent circulation and reduced local velocity gradients.
  • VERTICAL FLAT BLADE TURBINE (VFBT) RADIAL FLOW IMPELLERSUse a VFBT flow impeller for radial stirring and blending or for turning a stirred tank into a plug flow reactor by creating zonal mixing flow patterns. VFBT impellers feature a simple design that’s suitable for low off-bottom placement.
  • CURVED BLADE RADIAL FLOW TURBINES (CBT): Unique to Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, CBT radial flow turbines feature a distinctive swept-back blade profile. Use them to remove solids from a tank during the draining phase or other flow volume-sensitive applications.
  • PITCHED BLADE RADIAL FLOW TURBINES (PBT): PBT turbines feature angled blades that are adjustable to promote varying degrees of radial or axial flow. Philadelphia Mixing Solutions offers multiple configurations for different applications.

To learn more, contact our office directly for assistance. We’d be happy to provide modelling or laboratory analysis to determine the best impeller for your needs.