Low Solidity Axial Flow Hydrofoil (MHE)





Mineral Processing

Phos Acid

Industrial Wastewater

Water & Wastewater


Low viscosity blending and solid suspension, especially suited for low slurry level agitation or a tank with a frequently fluctuating liquid level. Works well for retrofit FGD systems due to the addition of sacrificial blade tips to slow and mitigate erosion.

Product Description

A low solidity hydrofoil offering, the MHE impeller exceeds in low liquid level or variable liquid level operations. Frequent intersection of the liquid level with the impeller during liquid level variation results in the need for a more robust mixer design. The design must handle the increased frequency of undesirable loads from operating an impeller at a liquid surface. To circumvent this issue, the MHE solution can be located lower in the vessel to accommodate both low and high liquid level operation, thereby reducing mechanical loads and not sacrificing good mixing characteristics.


Raven 3800 Series

UniFirst 4000 Series

PVE 01/03 Series

PVE 12/16 Series



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