Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Limited is a recognised industry leader in the development of advanced surface and submerged aerator products. Leveraging the expertise of our team of engineers, we provide water and wastewater  treatment products for a wide range of applications, from remote lagoons to urban and industrial settings.

All of our impeller aerators are designed and tested in our advanced facility to ensure an industry-leading level of quality. Our R&D lab features a 750,000-gallon climate-controlled tank, which allows us to guarantee the efficiency and process performance of each of our designs.

Our Products

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions manufactures three main aeration technologies:

  • TALON 4RC: TALON 4RC is a low-speed surface aerator designed  for wastewater treatment and other mass transfer applications. It features reverse curvature blades that provide effective operation and maintain transfer efficiency, improving effluent quality. TALON™ aerators can be customised for basin size or configuration, or used to retrofit an existing mixer drive.
  • Raptor™ 4002 Series: The Raptor™ floating aeration and mixing system employs a patented double-shear Venturi diffuser to create fine bubbles less than 2.2mm, which improves oxygen transfer. Use it in any application requiring horizontal and vertical velocities, including wastewater treatment in lagoons. In these and other environments, Raptor™ can be counted on to deliver precisely controlled gas volume and pressure as well as fluid flow to keep solids suspended in the basin.
  •  ARI2 Anoxic Tank impeller: The ARI2 is a high efficiency hydrofoil impeller design to provide suspension of wastewater solids with minimum surface motion in the tank.  This limits oxygen entrainment in the basin to optimize the anerobic activity required for biological solid volume reduction.

At Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, we have more than 100 years of experience matching professionals with the right aeration technology for their needs.

We proudly stand behind everything we sell and offer ongoing maintenance, training and customer support to each of our clients. We can help you select the proper aerator size and configuration for your application, and we design a maintenance programme that keeps it running its best for years to come. Find out why Philadelphia Mixing Solutions has been an industry leader in impeller/aerator and related technology by contacting a representative today.