For more than 60 years, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd and Mixing Solutions Limited have been a leader among industrial impeller manufacturers. Our products are reliable, cost-effective and used in a wide range of industries. In everything we do, our goal is to help our clients optimise their mixing processes, saving them time and money on maintenance and repairs. We have many standard impellers to offer cost effective process optimized process solutions.

Our Products

We manufacture one of the most diverse selections of industrial impellers on the market today. Key products include:

  • Radial flow impellers, including the Rushton turbine and curved blade turbine product lines. Rushton impellers come in four or six blade configurations and are ideal for high-intensity mixing applications in which gas dispersion or solids suspension is required. Other products include curved blade turbines for velocity-sensitive processes, modified solidity hydrofoil blades, pitch blade turbines and more.
  • Axial flow impellers in several different sizes and configurations. Notable products include Osprey™ (OHME) modified high-efficiency impellers for low-level slurry agitation, Sentinel super-low shear impellers, helical ribbons for extremely high viscosity mixing and more.
  • Aeration and mixing impellers designed specifically for use in wastewater treatment operations. Choose from the TALON™ low-speed surface aerator, ARI2 annoxic impeller and several other highly effective products built to thrive in conditions ranging from remote lagoons to urban water treatment centres.

All flat blade turbine impellers and other products are designed and manufactured in our ISO 9001:2008-registered, NQA-1 (Nuclear Quality Assurance) compliant lab. We can ensure an exceptionally high level of quality control, producing products that are more reliable, maintenance-free and easy to install in any application. We also back up everything we sell with industry-leading customer support.

Browse our website for more information about our current line of impellers and related mixing technology. One of the best ways to determine the right product for your application is to provide us with a sample of the solution you require mixed. We can then determine the optimal installation for you. We maintain the largest mixing-focused R&D facility in the world and have the dedicated resources and in-house expertise necessary to find creative solutions to complex mixing problems.

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