UniFirst 4000 Series




Water & Wastewater

Industrial Wastewater



The Unifirst 4000 series is ideal for any application that requires a compact footprint. Typically seen in water and wastewater treatment, as well as many general chemical applications.

Product Description

The UniFirst series of mixers define a true innovation in mixer drive capability. This gear box effectively handles demanding mixing applications in a reduced size without sacrificing torque capacity. Receive the performance of our larger mixers with the advantages of a compact footprint ideal for applications in areas with limited space.

Constructed to withstand corrosive or caustic environments, high temperatures and harsh weather. The sloped one-piece cast cover keeps rain and water out of the housing while the dry-well integrated into lower housing prevents oil leakage.

All gears and bearings are designed specifically to handle overhung and fluctuating loads effectively. Closed grain cast iron housing includes open tank mounting configurations. Input and intermediate shaft design reduce deflections. Oversized shoulder eyebolts facilitate safe lifting. Highly efficient and durable C-Face motors with piloted motor adapters eliminate shimming at installation.


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