Gas Dispersion Impellers


For over 100 years, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Limited has been an industry leader in mixing technology. Our team, led by a group of 36 expert engineers, has been instrumental in pushing the envelope and developing systems that are more effective, more economical and easier to maintain and install.

Our gas dispersion impellers utilise a unique blade design that pushes a greater amount of fluid volume, reducing system drag and making power draws more consistent. Read on to learn more or contact a Philadelphia Mixing Solutions representative directly.

Product Details

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions dispersion impellers can be used in any gas dispersion application, including nitrogen stripping, hydrogenation and oxidation (air dispersion). By producing enough shear to break gas bubbles into smaller sizes, they promote improved mass transfer by increasing interfacial surface area. In most applications, a dispersion impeller is installed above a sparge ring or tube-mounted gas source; however, our systems are flexible enough to support a wider range of potential configurations, according to the specifics of your project.

Features and Benefits

Our gas dispersion impellers offer a number of key advantages not found on competing products:

  • The blade design features a greater pumping surface, allowing it to entrain and radially pump a greater volume of fluid.
  • Incoming fluid is deflected away from the central hub, which leads to a considerable reduction in drag.
  • Mass transfer rate is improved, as is solids suspension and dispersion.
  • Dispersion impellers are equally effective at high gas flows and power densities.

We design and install impellers for axial, radial, mixed flow or aeration and gas dispersion applications. All of our products are tested to the highest standards possible in our ISO 9001-certified facility.

To help our engineers determine the optimal mixing solution for each application, we encourage our clients to send us a sample of what they require mixed. We’ll then work to determine the best equipment for your needs. Our gas dispersion impellers are highly reliable and easy to install and maintain, making them an economical choice both in the present and for the long term.

Find out more about Philadelphia Mixing Solutions and our current line-up of gas dispersion impellers by speaking with a sales representative today.



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