(April 8th, 2021)

Improve mixer fleet health while simultaneously eliminating unplanned downtime with Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Aftermarket Services

THE PROBLEM: A fleet of aging mixing equipment at a large global mining company’s precious metals site led to unscheduled downtime and lengthy repair times. Mixers are crucial to their extraction process. When just one of these mixers goes down, it brings production to a screeching halt resulting in a tremendous loss of bottom line profits associated with lost revenue.

THE SOLUTION: Philadelphia Mixing Solutions offers comprehensive aftermarket programs to understand current mixer fleet health, drastically increase mean time between failures, reduce unplanned downtime, and drive increased revenue and profits.

CHALLENGE: Like much of the equipment still installed throughout mining sites today, the original supplier of the mixer gearboxes for the CIL acidulation tank at this site had obsoleted the equipment and moved it into an unsupported status. This left the mining site to rely on localized repair facilities to keep their equipment operational. The result was (20) week lead times on repairs and a dramatic increase in unplanned downtime, decreasing their mean time between repair (MTBR) due to low-quality repairs and lack of OEM parts availability.

PMSL’S SOLUTION: Working with the site, PMSL utilized their free of charge Mixer Modernization and Reliability (MMR™) program to perform a survey of their fleet and provided a health assessment for each of the site’s critical assets.

Using the MMR site survey, PMSL created a modernization and reliability plan specific to this site’s unique needs. To keep the capital costs down for the site owner, PMSL used their industry-leading knowledge in mechanical and mixing design to reverse-engineer the original supplier’s obsolete CIL acidulation gearboxes. PMSL then manufactured a spare unit for the site. With an operational spare in place, the site began to cycle one of their CIL acidulation gearboxes in for repair during each scheduled outage, pro-actively improving their fleet’s health while simultaneously eliminating their unplanned downtime.

PMSL also developed a stocking plan to hold full rebuild kits, including gearing, for the gearboxes at PMSL’s facilities for up to 18 months free of charge. Using PMSL’s Inspection & Repair (I&R) Program and the stocking plan, PMSL improved the repair quality while reducing the standard lead time on repairs from (20) weeks at the local repair shop to less than (8) weeks at a PMSL facility.

Utilizing PMSL’s Premium Inspect & Repair option which includes Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) validation of all critical manufacturing tolerances and advanced root cause failure analysis, repairs stand up to the rigorous demands of this site’s application and included a three-year warranty option elected by the customer.

BENEFIT TO THE CUSTOMER: Seven years after initiating the Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Aftermarket programs at one site, this customer continues to use PMSL’s MMR, Inventory Stocking, and Inspect & Repair services on all their equipment at this site, plus several of their other sites as well. By providing a unique solution catered to the site’s needs, PMSL drastically increased mean time between failures, reduced unplanned downtime, and drove increased revenue and profits.