(February 12th, 2021)

Improve mixer fleet health while simultaneously eliminating unplanned downtime with Philadelphia Mixing Solutions’ Aftermarket Services

THE PROBLEM: A municipal wastewater treatment facility in New Jersey had 4 Aeration Tanks with an aging fleet of 53 mechanical low speed surface aerators. This equipment had been running for 20+ years and was beginning to show its age, resulting in an increased occurrence of unplanned downtime and a decrease in dissolved oxygen (DO) levels. The reduction in DO decreased the facilities treatment capacity, making it
difficult to meet the effluent requirements of their discharge permit.

THE SOLUTION: Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd. (PMSL) offers comprehensive site-specific service & maintenance programs that reduce unplanned downtime.

CHALLENGE: The municipality did not have the manpower, expertise, or equipment to remove, repair or install the aerators, making them dependent on general contractors and local repair facilities. The result was high in/out costs coupled with decreased repair quality and poor logistical execution of the work.

PMSL’S SOLUTION: Working in tandem with the consulting engineer that represents the Municipality, PMSL developed
an Aerator Rehabilitation Contract
. The contract included specifications for how the equipment must be removed from service,
repaired, and returned to service.

All repairs were performed utilizing the Premium Repair component of PMSL’s Inspection & Repair Program, which includes
Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) validation of all critical manufacturing tolerances and advanced root cause failure
The Premium Repair Option restored the aerators to “like new” condition, ensuring they will stand up to the rigorous
demands of the aeration application, while providing peace of mind with a
one-year warranty.
PMSL Field Service Technicians supervised the removal and installation of the Aeration Equipment to make sure all work
was done to
OEM standards. Additionally, PMSL Field Service Technicians performed bi-annual site inspections to verify the
equipment was still operating as expected and collected oil samples as part of a
predictive maintenance program.

BENEFIT TO THE CUSTOMER: Six years after initiating the Aeration Mixer Rehabilitation Contract, the customer now has
four Aeration Tanks with 53
like newfactory rebuilt mechanical low speed surface aerators that will operate for another 20+
. By providing a unique solution, PMSL helped keep this municipal facility in compliance while minimizing the logistics and
costs associated with the rehabilitation of their Aeration equipment.